The Garage Geek offers a comprehensive analysis of your garage improvement and unique storage needs and can deliver a complete design package including layout drawings, product recommendations and free estimate for turnkey projects. “Do-it-Yourselfers” can also tap into The Garage Geek’s expertise and vast product knowledge for a reasonable consulting fee.  BACK

Garage Sale

Daunted by the thought of sorting through your stuff and holding a sale at your home? The Garage Geek can assist by offering expert advice, a complete garage sale kit (includes: yard and corner signs; stakes; price tags and markers) and canopy rental (for hot or rainy days). BACK

Junk Removal

So, some of your stuff didn’t go in that garage sale. We can take away all those things and either donate them to charity or scrap altogether.  BACK

Garage Cleanout and Temporary Storage

Garage Cleanout and Temporary Storage – In preparation for a garage make-over, all items must be cleared out of the garage temporarily, while work is being performed. The Garage Geek can provide this service as well as a secure, on-site storage container.  BACK


Sometimes, particularly in older garages, the single greatest visual impact on a garage can come from a fresh coat of paint! The Garage Geek offers services that include patching, prepping, priming and painting of interior walls, ceilings, garage doors and trim.  BACK


Common to many garage improvement projects are the additions of lighting, fans, electrical outlets and switches. The Garage Geek can handle most electrical improvements or recommend a suitable contractor.  BACK


Need some minor changes or repairs? Non-structural modifications are easily handled by The Garage Geek. In addition, we can design and fabricate custom cabinets and storage solutions.  BACK

Audio/Visual Installations

With a garage make-over, you’re likely to be spending a lot more time out there. So, why not add a few creature comforts with the addition of a wall mounted TV or stereo system? Don’t miss those critical weekend sporting events or home improvement shows! BACK


Now that you have paid for all those neat storage products, how about some help putting all your possessions back into their right place? For full turnkey service, let The Garage Geek show you how to maximize efficiency in your newly created space! This is particularly valuable to those who don’t quite have that knack for organization.  BACK



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