"A recent survey by real-estate brokerage Century 21 found that the garage is the most important amenity to buyers, outranking a large kitchen, formal dining room or big backyard. And what they prize most about the garage is its storage capacity."

The Wall Street Journal, 6/14/04


The Garage Geek offers a full line of modular and custom products designed specifically for the home garage environment.  We can transform your messy garage from the ground up by providing flooring, cabinetry, workbenches, wall storage and numerous accessories to make your garage functional, safe and beautiful.  Plus, a finished garage will add tremendous value to your home and you can be proud to show it off to your friends and neighbors!

 Homeowners of all types car collectors, hobbyists, active families can benefit from our services.

 Check out our products and services and Join The Club to get ideas on how to get started.  Then, either contact us to answer your questions, or schedule a free at-home consultation and estimate.

 Are you the handy type, but could use some information and advice on the latest garage products? The Garage Geek also caters to the Do-it-Yourself community by providing competitive pricing on products and consulting services. 

 Stop ignoring that messy garage!!  Contact The Garage Geek NOW! 


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